Mehndi - A Tradition That Brings Us All Together!

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Nov 8, 2023
Mehndi - A Tradition That Brings Us All Together!

Contrary to the belief that mehendi has to be done a day before your event, it is best to get it done 2-3 days before. Mehendi reaches its peak color about 48 hours after it has been removed. Mehendi brings down the body temperature and allows for a comfortable atmosphere.

The warmth helps the mehendi dry faster too and there are less chances of accidents happening. The more heat you give your mehendi the darker it gets."Why is henna/mehndi done for weddings?" is a question I get asked time and again.Henna/mehndi is one of the sixteen rituals which is used to beautify the bride.Thinking about what to give as mehendi favors for your guests? Worry not, we are here to help! Here is our roundup of some of the most awesome mehendi favors that are having a viral moment these days! Tired of seeing, getting and considering the same old favours every Mehendi? Then here are some cool new ideas which don't necessarily have to break the bank and are a refreshing change from the same old favours we are tired of!

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Mehndi is a form of temporary skin decoration using a paste created with henna. In the West, mehndi is commonly known as henna tattoo, although it is not.

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Mehndi is a popular form of body art in South Asia and resembles similar traditions of henna as body art found in North Africa, East Africa and the Middle East.

Mehndi - A Tradition That Brings Us All Together!
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